Negative Electrode Cable
Negative Electrode Cable
Negative Electrode Cable , Apply to various Brand Machines!


General use of electric knife negative plate if used improperly, may lead to burning or pressure necrosis. To ensure patient safety, follow the instructions below.
1. Use the appropriate negative plate, equipment and accessories.
2、To reduce the risk of burning, do not overload the universal negative plate with too much current。
· Do not activate the electrosurgical device or the active accessory for more than 60 seconds during any 2-minute period, as this will result in excessive load on the universal negative plate, resulting in burns.
· High power, long activation time and any combination of conductive stimulants (such as saline) can cause the general-purpose negative plate to load too much current, causing burns。
3、Choose the appropriate surgical site
· Choose a smooth, vascularized, muscular area near the surgical site, allowing the universal negative plate - the skin to be in full contact.
· Surgical parts must be clean, dry, hairless. Remove the application site of the hair.
·Let the universal negative plate than the ECG electrode closer to the surgical site.
· Remove the metal jewelry.
· Avoid placement in bone prominence, metal repair or scar tissue location.
· Avoid current through metal repair or conductive implant placement. For patients implanted with electronic devices, contact the equipment manufacturer to take precautions to avoid interference.
· Do not use a universal negative plate in a liquid concentrated area.
· Do not use a universal negative plate at the injection site.
· Choose the appropriate surgical location away from all warning facilities.
4、Negative plate usage.
· Check the universal negative plate, wires and cables. Do not use any cutting, modification or damage traces.
· One end of the universal negative plate is smoothly pressed to the other end. Avoid creating internal bubbles.
· Avoid stretching or folding the general-purpose negative plate or patient´s skin.
· Do not use conductive adhesive.
· Do not place the universal negative plate completely around the straight arm. Do not overlap.
·Do not reposition the universal negative plate after first application. If the patient is repositioned, confirm that the negative plate is in full contact with the skin and that all connections are complete.
· Do not place elastic stockings or equipment on a universal negative plate.
· Do not wrap wires or cables on straight arms or metal objects.
· Do not place wires or cables on the patient´s body or under the patient´s body.
· Do not place the cable on the patient´s body.
5、Remove the negative plate
· Do not remove it in a pull.
· From the corner. Slowly peel off the level to avoid skin trauma.

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